Site Updates

April 19, 2004 Site Launches with 5 initial skins:
Default, 2 Fast 2 Foolish, Apple, Hot Pod and Rice.
April 23, 2004 Guestbook added.
June 20, 2004 Updated DIY with hard-wired kit from Pacific Accessory Corporation.
Added new Gallery 4.
June 22, 2004 Added 5 new homepage images (hard-wire install and new face plate).
July 22, 2004 Newsweek is doing an article about the iPod phenomenon. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed and they also wanted to shoot some photos me me and my setup for the article. I added some snapshots from the photo shoot in Gallery 5. Hopefully, the real shots will be published soon.
September 13, 2004 I never liked the idea of adding banners to my site, but since it was extremely relevant, I became an iTunes affiliate through LinkShare.
October 6, 2004 OK. Car magaizines are relevant too. Added Primedia Magazines to the sponser list.
October 6, 2004 Added images from the Newsweek article and website that featured my photo in Gallery 6.
October 11, 2004 Added Tunes section to highlight some of the tracks on my current favorites playlist, as well as content from iTunes Music Store. The full library is generated with iTunes Publisher.
July 29, 2005 Added photos of Impul Bumper and Gialla Grille in Gallery 7 .
August 5, 2005 Finally upgraded the forum to PHPBB 2.0.17.
September 3, 2005 Added Google Ads.