Original FM Transmitter iPod Installation Guide:

The following demonstrates how the iPod and dock are installed using the Belkin FM Transmitter. I plan on hard-wiring this as soon as a product becomes available for my car and will update the site accordingly when it’s done. Sorry, but I was in such a hurry when I did this project that I did not stop to take a lot of reference pictures, so most of the instructions are just text.

(WARNING: this is a total McGuyver job. Use better materials if you have access to them!)

PART 1: Parts & Supplies

PART 2: Preparing the Dock

PART 3: Preparing the Face Plate

PART 4: Installation

NOTE: A friend of mine has since laser-cut a better top plate out of ABS plastic for me which is much nicer and sturdier, which I used with my hard-wired install. However, I have decided to leave the original photos with the “notebook” plate to show others that they should be able to do something similar in their cars without spending a lot of money.