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Part 3: Preparing the Face Plate

  1. Get Faceplate Template. Click the diagram below to get an enlarged template and print it out. If you want more precision, you can download the template as a DXF or Illustrator (version 10) file.

  2. Check to make sure the print out is close to scale (6-7/8" wide).
  3. Cut the template out of paper first and see if it fits properly in your cupholder. If not, make whatever adjustments are necessary and cut another template. Warning: The hole can be pretty difficult to place. You will need to put the iPod in the dock contraption and drop it into the cup holder area. I suggest trial and error with a piece of cut paper first before committing to the location on your plastic face plate.

    IMPORTANT: Depending on the thickness of your material, you may have to make more severe adjustments.
  4. Once your template is ready, secure it to your notebook cover (tape, rubber cement, low-tack mount, etc.) and cut the exterior with a sharp xacto knife.
  5. Cut the opening for the iPod. You only need to cut 3 sides. The 4th side should simply be scored slightly for folding. Round-off the edges for a cleaner look and better “slide” for the iPod.
  6. Reinforce the bottom of the plate. I used popsickle sticks, but if you have anything better, I'd suggest you use that instead. I placed 1 stick along the front edge, and layered the other 5 sticks on the back. (1 row of 3, then another row of 2 on top of that). The back one should be fairly sturdy since that’s what’s going to hold your iPod up. I used SuperGlue on the sticks, but it didn’t hold real well, so I supplemented it with electrical tape.
  7. Fold down the flap where the iPod will be inserted. You will cut off the excess flap later.

Reference Photos:

iPod Install Guides » Original » Parts » Dock » Plate » Install