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Part 4: Installation

  1. Put the shifter to 'N'
  2. Remove Shift Nob. Pull the lower ring down, then remove the c-clip. The nob pulls right off after that.

  3. Remove Center Panel. Lift the console up in the back, directly behind the cup holder. There are no screws, just clips. Then slide the front off by pulling it towards the back gently. There will be a few electrical harnesses you will need to disconnect.

  4. Remove Arm Rest. Open the arm rest and remove the panel directly underneath the hinge with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the 4 screws holding the arm rest in place.

  5. Remove Back Panel. Gently pull the back panel off and disengage any electrical harnesses.
  6. Cut holes in the two panels where you want to run your wires. I put mine along the right hand side since the wire on the dock connector of the Belkin Auto Charger goes to the right and that’s also the shortest distance to the power outlet.
  7. Plug in the Belkin Auto Charger to the power outlet in the storage bin and run the dock connector from the hole in the storage bin through the hole in the cup holder and connect it to the dock on the other side. It’s important to connect this now since it’s going to be nearly impossible to connect it once you bolt it down. Depending on your positioning though, you might be able to do it, but I had to un-bolt and re-bolt the dock in order to do it on mine.

  8. Position and bolt the bracketed dock (with connector plugged in) in the cupholder. Make sure you put it in the right position, relative to the hole that you cut in the face plate.
  9. Test the faceplate. Once the dock is bolted down, put the faceplate down and determine how much of the folded flap you need to cut off. If it’s too long, the plate will not rest flat.
  10. Snap the center console pieces back onto the car — don’t forget to connect all the electrical harnesses and make sure the new wire you ran is tucked neatly away underneath. The Belkin Auto Charger has a nice velcro strap to take up excess cable.
  11. Reassemble the arm rest and shift nob.
  12. Plug the FM Transmitter into the dock, put the faceplate on, and you’re done!

iPod Install Guides » Original » Parts » Dock » Plate » Install