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Part 2: Preparing the Dock

  1. Snap the iPod Dock cover off by pushing on the connector plug with both thumbs while holding the bottom edges of the cover with your other fingers (If you purchase an extra dock from Apple it already comes with the cover off).
  2. Remove the 3 screws that hold the weight in place and take the weight off.
  3. Bend 2 L-brackets to the correct angle. May take some trial and error. You can probably also do it with 1 L-bracket, but I found it was easier to use 2 to gain maximum flexibility in hole locations — for both the dock AND mounting onto the cupholder.
  4. Drill 2 holes in the bottom of the dock (obviously, away from any wires and stuff) and bolt the dock onto the L-brackets.

  5. Snap the Dock cover back on. Do not reinstall the weight. You will not be able to snap the cover on due to the thickness of the bolts you just put in.

Reference Photo:

Here’s a profile shot of the completed dock. You can use this to approximate the angle, but I'm sure it will take some tweaking once you get it into the cupholder area.

Install Guides » Hard-Wired » Parts » Dock » Install